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Welcome to the iaedp Member Forum!


Forum Guidelines

By using iaedp’s Forum, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and guidelines as outlined below.  The purpose of the iaedp Forum is to provide members with an area for discussion of eating disorder related topics.  This can include:

  • Questions regarding resources, practice, and/or procedures
  • Sharing of research, news, or resources
  • Seeking resources or professionals for clients
  • iaedp related topics including continuing education, chapters, and/or certification


Members should not engage in the following activities within the Forum:

  • Discussions and topics which are not appropriate for the audience and medium.
  • Self-promotion, selling/marketing, libel, or discriminatory comments of any kind.
  • Posting of vacant positions or job notices - these can be posted in the iaedp Career Center.
  • Negative comments about other businesses, professionals, or organizations.
  • Jokes, chain letters, spam, violation of copyright or trademark law, politics, or other off-topic posts.
  • Repeated, specific endorsement of single treatment facilities which falls outside of professional recommendation in response to a request for recommendations.


The forum is made available as member benefit and do not constitute any type of supervision or professional treatment advice.


Questions can be sent to  iaedp staff reserves the right to revoke access to the forums, if guidelines are violated.  Forum topics and replies will be monitored.


The views, information, and/or opinions expressed in forum posts are those of the author(s) indicated and do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of iaedp, the staff, or leadership.


By entering the Forum, members agree to adhere to the guidelines above. You will need to log into your membership profile in order to view the Forum discussions.  You can log in on the right hand side of your screen.  If you enter the Forum and are not logged in, the screen will be blank.  Additional Forum Instructions.


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